Grief Seminars

Brockie Donovan are proud to offer free on-going seminars on Grief & Loss with counsellor Shelley Wray.

When someone you love dies, you come to know your deepest pain and your heart may broken into a thousand tender pieces. We recognize grief can feel like a heavy fog, clouding our minds, numbing our senses, obscuring our identity and the direction we feel we should take. Our seminars with Shelley Wray are designed to help you understand your grief and help you learn to heal.

Should you need help through your journey of grief, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by calling us at (204) 727-0694.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2024 at 7:00 pm

"A New Year...A New Beginning"

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, 2024 at 7:00 pm

"Love...It Never Ends"

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13th, 2024 at 7:00 pm

"Who Am I Now"

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th, 2024 at 7:00 pm

"Hope During Grief"

All seminars are held in the George Brockie Fellowship Centre (332 - 8th Street, lower level of Brockie Donovan, south side entrance).

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Commitments I Will Make to Myself to Heal

The word “bereaved” literally means to be torn apart. During grief, you are on a journey that is often painful, frightening, and lonely. If you, or someone you know is grieving, take a little time to watch this presentation on Grief and Healing with Shelley Wray. Don't walk the journey of grief alone. We hope this seminar will help bring you comfort and encouragement as you make a commitment to help yourself heal.

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Coping With the Holidays

“Holidays are time spent with loved ones” was imprinted on our psyche from a young age. They are part of the milestones we share with each other and they generally represent time spent with family. But since holidays are for being with those we love the most, how on earth can anyone be expected to cope with them when a loved one has died? For many people, this is the hardest part of grieving, when we miss our loved ones even more than usual. The need for support may be the greatest during the holidays. There are a number of ways to incorporate your loved one and your loss into the holidays. It is our hope this video will give you guidance as you face the holidays without your loved one.​

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Coping with Grief & Loss in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a series of losses, from our sense of safety to our social connections, to our way of life as we know it. While the situation provokes anxiety, stress and sadness, it is also a time of collective sorrow. It is important that we acknowledge that we’re in the middle of this collective grief. We are all losing something now.

Many people are reckoning with individual losses, including illness and death, or loss of employment as a result of this economic upheaval. But even people who haven’t lost anything as difficult as losing a loved one, are affected. “There is a communal grief as we watch our work, health-care, education and economic systems — all of these systems we depend on — destabilize.”

This video presentation with our grief counsellor, Shelley Wray, will hopefully provide you with a better understanding about the ways we’re mourning now — and offer help to those who are grieving. 

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